My name is Michael Haupt. I own a Tennis Academy in Southern California near Los Angeles. I am an avid tennis player and tennis coach.

I started to play Pickleball about 2 years ago and my 11 year old son, Christian, just started playing a month ago and can’t get enough of the game. I am starting a junior program for Pickleball at my Academy.

I recently tried the Onix Evoke Premier Pickleball Paddle. If you are a tennis player and looking for a solid Pickleball Paddle: This is it.

The paddle is a perfect match between Power and Control. It has a slightly longer handle which is an advantage for any tennis player. It has great power from the baseline without sacrificing the touch for the dink at the net. I tried the 8.0 oz paddle which was not too heavy but provided a bunch of baseline power.

My son loves the paddle. He has tried many paddles that are on the market today, but told me that he “is hooked on the Onix”.

The 16” x 8” shape increases reach and maximizes power. Well done Onix. You got a winner!!!

I you are interested in buying or demoing the paddle, please visit: